Robert Mason to do double duty at M3 Rock Festival singing for both Lynch Mob and Warrant

Robert Mason to do double duty at M3 Rock Festival singing for both Lynch Mob and Warrant

Warrant frontman Robert Mason will be busy on Day Two of the M3 Rock Festival‘s 2018 edition as the singer will be fronting both Warrant (scheduled for 11:00 am start) and Lynch Mob (scheduled for 2:00 pm start) on May 5, 2018.

The following message was posted on Mason’s Facebook page earlier today:

“I’ll do it if you guys promise to go to both shows… Deal? #M3 M3 Rock Festival #LynchMob + #Warrant = a lot of drinking ?????

George Lynch was interviewed by Eddie Trunk back on January 29, 2018 and spoke about Mason fronting Lynch Mob again (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “Well, he will be for selected dates. He’s doing the Monsters of Rock Cruisewith us and there’s an ’80s In The Park Festival that we are doing in a couple of weeks along with a few others but we’re not sure how deeply he’s going to be involved with Lynch Mob, if anything is going to stick. I mean his primary band obviously is Warrant and we recognize that, respect that. I’m not trying to steal him from Warrantor anything like that. That’s his home but we have history and it’s a wonderful fit… I mean you know, he’s just you know, he’s kind of in that Myles Kennedy or in that world. There just… You know, I mean where do you go from there when you sing like that [laughs] you know? I mean, it’s just incredible. It’s fascinating to me to work with a guy like that, that has those kinds of pipes, that kind of consistency, that basically can do anything that it seems he wants vocally…”

On March 9, 2018, Lynch Mob played their debut show with new frontman Nathan Utz (Blond) at the Medina Entertainment Centre in Medina, Minnesota, USA. Sleaze Roxx interviewed Utz and asked the lead vocalist about Lynch Mob‘s schedule going forward to which he stated: “Right now, there are dates booked to September. It’s sporadic. It’s good these days you’re not on the road for three months. Besides, there’s really not a money value in that. Back in the day, when you’re out playing for three months, it was great. When you’re young, you’re running around. You don’t mind being away from home. I have a plastic fish at the apartment. So the dates are kind of peppered. It’s down between Robert Mason and I on which dates I will be doing. I know I’m doing all the dates this month. Beyond that I haven’t heard.”