Robin McAuley unveils “performance” video for single “Thy Will Be Done”

Robin McAuley unveils “performance” video for single “Thy Will Be Done”

Former Michael Schenker Group and current Black Swan frontman Robin McAuley has unveiled a “performance” video for his new single “Thy Will Be Done” from his solo album titled Standing On The Edge, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl on May 7, 2021.

Track List for Standing On The Edge:
01. Thy Will Be Done
02. Standing On The Edge
03. Late December
04. Do You Remember
05. Say Goodbye
06. Chosen Few
07. Run Away
08. Supposed To Do Now
09. Wanna Take A Ride
10. Like A Ghost
11. Running Out of Time

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Standing On The Edge:

“If I was to describe the album to someone who has not heard it, I would call it Black Swan meets Dokken meets Sunstorm. Sunstorm, during their days with Joe Lynn Turner as the vocalist, was a supergroup of sorts that produced really catchy songs with great production yet you just knew there was little to no chance you would ever hear those songs performed live. That is what really took me out of those albums because they would release great stuff and never tour. That is the way of things when it comes to these projects and I’m afraid Standing On The Edge will be much the same. So, a few memorable tracks are “Thy Will be Done” which is the opening track. My earlier remarks about Sunstorm? See this track! Pretty much could be a Sunstorm track.”

Robin McAuley‘s “Thy Will Be Done” ‘performance’ video:

Robin McAuley‘s “Wanna Take A Ride” single: