Roby clarifies that Pröwess is a new band and 21st Century Goliath is gone

Roby clarifies that Pröwess is a new band and 21st Century Goliath is gone

Back on March 5th, Sleaze Roxx published an article entitled “21st Century Goliath change their name to Pröwess and release new single.” The article was based on the fact that 21st Century Goliath were scheduled to headline a gig at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 4th but instead, the band Pröwess was unveiled but it consisted of the same band line-up as the 21st Century Goliath line-up that was supposed to play that evening.

Prowess photo21st Century Goliath founder, leader and guitarist and now Pröwess guitarist Scott Roby posted the following message on his Facebook account (with a slight edit) to clarify that the change was more than a name change:

“Look everyone, this needs to be said regarding my former and new bands. I’d seen a few times over the past few days where folks are saying “21CG has changed their name to Pröwess.” No the fuck we haven’t. 21st Century Goliath is gone. We killed it Friday. Pröwess is a new band. Yes some of the members have carried over, but the music will be different mainly because the last incarnation of 21st Century Goliath came on board when the music was already written. Those songs weren’t theirs. These are. As such, within short order 21CG songs will fade from our setlists. I know it may make some folks sad, but I’m not in 21st Century Goliath anymore.

I’m in Pröwess now. This is not the new 21CG. I’ve got some interviews coming soon that will explain further, but the music will do the most talking. I can’t control what those outside of my social network say, however errant they might be in their assessment, but I can set the record straight for my friends and fans that I’m connected to. If you don’t like my new band as much, I understand. Hopefully you’ll respect that we’re brand new and there’s gonna be a developmental period, but that I wouldn’t be shelving 21CG if I didn’t believe that this new band will run all over it in short order. It will, I’m certain of that. But if you prefer my old band that’s fine. But be respectful. I wouldn’t come up to you and say “hey I like your ex-wife better than your new wife” because that would be rude as hell, ESPECIALLY if I didn’t know your new wife yet. Hold judgment, or at least keep it to yourself out of respect for all the work I had to do in order to launch this new project, and out of respect for the fact that I built 21CG with my bare hands and no one has more cause to grieve over it’s demise than me…”

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