Rock Against Diabetes And Dimebag Darrell Estates Join Forces


July 3, 2008

Rock Against Diabetes is proud to announce a second event featuring the Dimebag Darrell Stage on October 25th, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. The union came from discussions about the events being held for Rock Against Diabetes with Rita Haney-Abbott, Dimebag Darrell’s widow.

Haney-Abbotts very close to this disease in her private life as her grandmother is diabetic and recently her father Howell Haney was diagnosed last year as a diabetic. “Once my father became diabetic that is when I learned that diabetes can kill if not dealt with properly,” states Rita Haney Abbott. “I feel that this is a cause that we want to support. I know Dimebag would have been there to support a cause that can help, for he was very close to my father & would have done anything for him & vice versa. Dime always had a good heart that was unconditional in giving to many, not just his family.”

Rock Against Diabetes is an ongoing concert series and fundraising program with the goal of providing information and support to diabetics and people concerned about the disease worldwide. A main directive is to attempt to avoid asking the public for donations, but to offer great entertainment and unique fundraising experiences through music to raise funds that are needed to provide some new ground breaking support for diabetics.

The Dimebag Darrell stage line-up is yet to be determined and will be announced in the next month along with the sponsors that support this great charity event.

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