Rock Against Diabetes Live August 23rd In Las Vegas


April 22, 2008

On May 1st tickets for the Rock Against Diabetes go on sale. This is no ordinary event as only 180 people get to see the event in-person and the rest of the world can purchase tickets to watch it via the internet broadcast. The money raised will go to the R.A.D. beneficiaries: BC Children’s Hospital & the University Of Toronto – Faculty of Medicine. Both of whom founder Darrin Buchanan found to be great support for diabetes. Buchanan recently lost his leg to Type II Diabetes and is on the path to fight the disease by educating all people for a worldwide solution.

In order to reach a larger audience, and put on a memorable show, it was decided to partner with Deep Rock Drive to beam this “first of its kind” musical and charity event to a worldwide audience in HD broadband internet. Tickets will be available when you sign up for a free account at There will be a limited amount of VIP tickets to view the show live at the sound stages of Deep Rock Drive . Tickets will be $9.99 for the entire day of broadcast and each ticket buyer can invite 5 friends free to watch.

Auctions are being held on including a date with Evel Dick Donato. The auction includes a trip to LA, with flight, hotel and limo, a date TO THE BIG BROTHER FINALE WITH DICK AND JANELLE, an AWESOME Minarik Inferno guitar and more!! Everyone knows there are no tickets for the Finale! The proceeds of the auction will go 100% to funding the wicked online concert in Vegas August 23rd, and help R.A.D. with its initiative to create a fully interactive, worldwide online diabetic nutritional resource.

The concert line-up is still being dialed in. The Metal Main stage will be announced shortly – the Rock Stage has the following artists: Cliff Morrison & The Lizard Sun Band (son of Jim Morrison), Y&T, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), and LA Guns w/ Tracii Guns. More bands announced as finalized.

For more information about ROCK AGAINST DIABETES and their initiatives to fight diabetes please click on and help support a worthy cause.

Diabetes is a real problem and we need to whoop its ass!!! Please give to this fundraiser. – John “JD” Deservio (Black Label Society/ Cycle of Pain)

“This will be a lot like being in the Big Brother house because everyone is nuts. The minor ways it will differ is that this kind of nuts is mentally stable, emotionally stable, nobody will cry, I might get laid, nobody will be lying to me, backstabbing me, throwing me under the bus, making up false arrest records about me and I don’t expect that I will have to pour a drink on anyone’s head there…. but ya never know…” – Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother 8 winner, and R.A.D. host)

“Darrin Buchanan’s a crusader with heart fighting the good fight” – Gil Moore (Triumph)

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