‘Rock And Roll Rush, My Life As A Music Fanatic’ Book Now Available


April 9, 2008

Rock and Roll Rush, My Life as A Music Fanatic by Lawrence Hull is now available. The Cost per book is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling costs. Methods of payments are checks, money orders and paypal. More information regarding the purchase of the book can be found at www.rockandrollrush.com.

Hey, people – please let me take a minute of your time and allow me tointroduce myself. My name is Larry Hull, and I have just finishedwriting and publishing my first book. It’s called “Rock and Roll Rush!My Life as a Music Fanatic.”

Even if you don’t like music or rock and roll, I think you’ll findthis a very enjoyable read. I’m approaching 50 years of age now, andI’ve been blessed by growing up in the ’70s, living through the metaland “hair band” years, seeing the grunge years and everything inbetween. I believe that there’s a little something for everyone inthis book. It also didn’t hurt that I worked for a concert securityoutfit for a few years, handling crowd control and personal securityfor some rockers

I think everyone has a story or two to tell about a great show theyattended, a time when they crossed paths with a rock star or somethingmemorable about a certain event. This book is meant for you guys. In aworld filled with trouble, doom and gloom, “Rock and Roll Rush!” takesyou away from all of this. In the book, I have documented myexperiences with bands such as Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, The RollingStones and Pantera, just to name a few. The nearly 300-page book isalso filled with some cool photos from my personal archives, shot bymyself.

I’m not some big corporation out to make a quick buck from rock androll fandom. I was just an ordinary kid who grew up to become afull-on concert fanatic and pulled some crazy stunts along the waybefore actually working in the music biz. The book is chock full ofphotos, the stories are 100 percent true and it’s really an enjoyablelook at a life that’s been dominated by a huge love for music. Itdraws on my experiences as a fan, some of the best shows I have seenand some of the wildest experiences I have had. It also relates a fewspecial stories about doing security over the years for differentgroups as well as some of my own fan tales of running into some ofrock and roll’s most special people. And I do mean almost literallyrunning into them, as you can read in my encounter with Edward VanHalen on a Chicago highway during the “5150” tour, to cite just oneexample.

So if you get a chance, order a copy of “Rock and Roll Rush!” byvisiting www.rockandrollrush.com – it might even help you to re-live afew experiences from within your own concert memories. I don’t thinkyou will be disappointed.

Courtesy of www.rockandrollrush.com