Rock City Angels Vocalist Bobby Durango Passes Away

Rock City Angels Vocalist Bobby Durango Passes Away

June 4, 2012

Rock City Angels Vocalist Bobby Durango Passes AwayBobby Durango, best know for his work with the Rock City Angels, has passed away — no details on his death are available at this moment.

Members of the Rock City Angels posted the following comment, “The Rock City Angels are no stranger to rumors. There is no shortage of outlandish tales attributed to the band that, while entertaining and bizarre, are just patently untrue. We wish we could tell you all that the most recent story circling around was just another fabrication… another rock n’ roll tall tale. We can’t. Yesterday we received the shocking news that our founder, singer and beloved brother Bobby Durango passed away.

Whether you knew Bobby in the flesh, only knew him online or just listened to his music, all of our lives are emptier today without him. And as for those rumors we talked about earlier, even we don’t know all of the details yet, so out of respect for his family it would be greatly appreciated if we could all refrain from posting any personal theories about the circumstances and instead celebrate the man’s life. He certainly left us an amazing soundtrack.”

In a Facebook posting Durango’s girlfriend stated, “Bobby-Baby you are shining bright in the light now! The coolest, most beautiful Star-Cat in heaven &/or beyond. I love you forever my kook! No more pain… no more suffering… I feel so blessed to have known, loved and been loved by you Bobby Durango… I just cannot believe this!! He did it His way! My rock n roll Tigre. Blessings of comfort, peace and healing to the Angels. I love you guys! Hugs.”

Durango and the Rock City Angels were currently working on a new album called ‘Devils In The Countryside’, referred to as a slice of psychedelic spaghetti-westernesque rock ‘n’ roll. Durango could also be seen fronting his new venture the Mondophonics.

The Rock City Angels story began in the early ’80s, consisting of a revolving door line-up that once included a young Johnny Depp. Many rumors about the Rock City Angels have circulated over the years, including rampant drug use and being shipped off to Memphis by Geffen Records to keep them from competing with label mates Guns N’ Roses. The conspiracy theories surrounding the band are legendary, and the truth varies depending on who you ask.

The band’s self-titled debut would be shelved for years, eventually being released after their Geffen debut ‘Young Man’s Blues’, which included the single “Deep Inside My Heart”. Almost 21 years after ‘Young Man’s Blues” Durango revived the Rock City Angels name to release ‘Use Once And Destroy’ in 2008. A compilation of songs recorded to be the second Geffen album were eventually released in 2010 as ‘Midnight Confessions’ through FNA Records.

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