Rock Legends To Play September 11th Concert In Iraq


September 9, 2008

Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple/Rainbow/YngwieMalmsteen), bassist Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne), guitarist Carlos Cavazo (QuietRiot), along with drummer Simon Wright (ACDC, Dio) and keyboardist Alex Bubenheim are inIraq for a special concert September 11, 2008. The show, slated to be performed forTroops, will mark the 7th anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks in the USA. One ofthe most anticipated highlights of this show is the premier of the new song,BATTLEFIELDS, inspired by the brave men and women who defend our freedom all over theglobe.

Ex-Deep Purple/Rainbow singer/songwriter, Joe Lynn Turner, was first introduced toBATTLEFIELDS by one of its writers, Chris Antblad, when he and Antblad were in acollaboration session recently. Turner and his manager had been working on sending him ona tour to perform for Troops for over a year and when Turner heard this song for thefirst time, he knew it would touch the hearts and souls of soldiers everywhere of everynation.

When Turner and Big Noize solidified their plans to tour Iraq, the band agreed to debutthis poignant song during this trek. Since they all live in different parts of the USA,they learned the song by exchanging files, a true benefit of technology today. The firsttime they tried it out on an audience in Kuwait, Turner said it was incrediblywell-received and is a compelling part of their 90 minute plus set.

Chris Antblad, a world renowned, Sweden-based chart-topping songwriterexplained, “I wrote this [BATTLEFIELDS] together with Will Champlin, who is the son ofBill Champlin of legendary group Chicago; a seasoned writer at Air Chrysalis in LA.”

As for the inspiration for BATTLEFIELDS, Antblad reveals, “We actually got the idea,while watching the live-broadcasts from Iraq. It just struck me and Will that thisactually affects real lives, real people and families, and it’s not a film produced inHollywood.”

He emotes, “I hope that they can take it to heart, and think about the fact that thesefeelings are global, and human, rather than bound to national belonging.”

Big Noize founder and Ex-Ozzy Osbourne bassist/songwriter Phil Soussan knows that theshow will have an emotional impact and significance. He explains, “For us to play on thisday is vitally important and a privilege, as it remains a landmark in our history and atribute to those who have been lost and wronged. 9-11 marked the tragic loss of so manyinnocent people and the scars on thousands more who grieve their losses. When we said’Never to forget’ we must mean that every 9-11 is equally important, be it the first oneor the hundred and first one.”

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