Rock Magazine Creem Plans Return To Print World

Rock Magazine Creem Plans Return To Print World

July 13, 2011

An iconic, sardonic rock ‘n’ roll magazine with Detroit roots that ceased regular print publication two decades ago is planning a comeback.

The publishing team behind Creem says it’s restarting the presses in September for the magazine that officially shut down in 1988, was revived a few years later and has been online-only since 2001.

They envision the quarterly publication as part of a broader music network that includes mobile apps and streaming music videos. The aim: attract old and new readers.

Magazine expert Samir Husni says the idea is great but execution will be difficult. There was talk of another Creem return after Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical movie “Almost Famous” renewed interest. Though known for his Rolling Stone connection, Crowe wrote for Creem as a teenager under editor Lester Bangs.

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