Rock N Skull organizer Justin Murr steps down as organizer but sixth edition still proceeding

Rock N Skull organizer Justin Murr steps down as organizer but sixth edition still proceeding

After five turbulent years as the Rock N Skull Festival organizer, Justin Murr has decided to step down from the event and has relinquished control to Persie’s (Jacob Force).

The following message was posted by Murr in the Facebook group Persie’s Presents: Rock N Skull 18 about four hours ago:

RNS the past years, has been more then an event but more like a family reunion. In saying that, with every dark cloud comes a ray of sunlight. As you know, this will be the sixth year for RNS and the past five has been amazing and sometimes extremely challenging as well. As of today for personal reasons, I am no longer involved in Rock N Skull. Persie’s (Jacob Force) is now taking this years show over and controlling the future of the event. If you bought tickets, bands advertised, show and times, nothing has changed except I’m not financially involved with the the show anymore. My hearts desire is you give the event another chance and you still support it like you have in years past.

Any questions from ticket-buyers should be directed to Bob Long. Bands that have concerns, can still message me till all contracts are updated and put in Persie’s name.

It’s not a sad day but a new day, and most importantly allows RNS to continue and let’s me go back to doing what I do best… being a fan. I hope to see all of you this Oct. at RNS 18, I’ll be the guy with a blue drink in my hand and a smile on my face.

Long Live Rock N Skull

Sleaze Roxx attended the fourth edition of Rock N Skull from October 28 to 30, 2016 and stated as follows in its Day 3 review: “I usually don’t include a section like this in any of my concert reviews but I’ve got to thank a number of people. First and foremost, thank you to Justin Murr for putting on such a great event. It was truly a lot of fun! Could it have been better organized? Sure. Could there have been certain predictable and preventable situations? Absolutely. That being said, and having organized city wide sporting events myself including a tennis tournament lasting about ten days, I can tell you that shit happens –– some predictable and some not, people don’t come through and it always feels like a mad rush at the end to get everything ready. I am pretty sure that Murrisn’t making a whole lot of money on this venture and is doing this in large part because he just loves the music and wants to keep the scene alive. So thank you Justin Murr. Thank you for all your hard work and putting on a really fun and great event!”

Thank you for the great memories Justin!