‘Rock Stars: The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of Eighties Glam Frontmen Into Pop Culture’ Book Now Available

‘Rock Stars: The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of Eighties Glam Frontmen Into Pop Culture’ Book Now Available

January 31, 2011

Rock Stars: The Rise, Fall, And Rise Of Eighties Glam Frontmen Into Pop Culture Book Now Available‘ROCK STARS: The rise, fall, and rise of eighties glam frontmen into pop culture’ is a look back and forward with the glam metal singers from the eighties. Accompanied by video commentary and what if scenarios, ‘Rock Stars’ takes a tongue and cheek look at both the careers and music created during this time. From the lipstick to hairspray to ranking the best at handling the microphone, to the battle of the jeans between Jon Bon Jovi and Joe Elliott, and the huge role chest hair played in the success of KISS, glam fans will love this honest account of a genre is making a comeback and yet still scoffed at.

‘Rock Stars’ is currently available in paperback form through Lulu and Amazon. Coming soon in 2011: Oak Tree Press will be publishing Rock Stars as an eBook through Amazon Kindle.

About the Author: David S. Grant is the author of several books including Rock Stars (Oak Tree Press), Corporate Porn (Silverthought Press), The Last Breakfast (Brown Paper Publishing), and Happy Hour (SynergEbooks). David lives and works in New York. For more information go to www.davidsgrant.com and follow David on Twitter: @david_s_grant.

Excerpts from ‘Rock Stars’

“…Wearing tight acid washed jeans, Jon Bon Jovi made no qualms about putting “pop” back into rock. Videos focused on his ass made it appear there was an unspoken jeans rivalry between Jon and Joe Elliot of Def Lepard…”

“…I have to rethink everything regarding Rob Halford since he came out of the closet, turning from ferocious front man of Judas Priest to fierce. In hindsight there were signs. The video for “Hot Rockin” was pretty much just a bunch of guys working out in a gym. Hello!!…”

“…Sebastian Bach and Skid Row made music for the kids smoking cigarettes behind the school. Music for the kids that owned denim jackets, but didn’t have the money for fancy patches (instead, forced to scribble SKID ROW across the back with a black Sharpie). Essentially, Sebastian Bach made music for the bad kid in The Breakfast Club…”

Reviews of ‘Rock Stars’:

“Whether you’re a closet glam fan who’s able to laugh at yourself and the icons of your youth, or a naysayer looking for more proof that glam is worth mocking, Rock Stars is definitely worth the read” – Nicole Nash, Metal Underground

“A highly entertaining guide that will bring back memories of long ago back in full force” – Cafe of Dreams

“…if you were a fan of the 80’s heavy metal bands then this book is for you”- Jen’s Book Talk

“I really enjoyed Rock Stars. It was a great look back into music of the eighties and introduces the music to new fans”- Confessions of an Overworked Mom

“I would recommend this book for the guy who has everything”- The Cajun Book Lady

Twenty-eight mini-profiles detailing strengths, weaknesses, and X factors ranging from Kip Winger’s hair, David Lee Roth’s use of the microphone, to Bret Michaels reality series comeback. Think Behind The Music on cocaine.

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