Rock Sugar Release “Don’t Stop The Santa Man” Christmas Single

Rock Sugar Release “Don’t Stop The Santa Man” Christmas Single

December 9, 2012

Rock Sugar have released the world’s first Journey/Metallica/Santa Claus mash-up called “Don’t Stop The Santa Man” — yu’ve never heard a Christmas song like this!

Said the metal mash-up band, “Merry Christmas everybody! As you know, Christmas is the season of love and giving — and since we love all of you, we wanted to try and give you a special present. It’s a little holiday treat we made just for you so take it and enjoy it. All we ask in return is that you please pass it on and give it, too — to as many people as you can possibly think of! Everybody on your holiday list, all of your Facebook friends, everybody who’s email address you have, everybody who could use a smile and everybody who wants to add a little rock to their Christmas. Send it, share it, post it — this is the best opportunity to ‘Share the Sugar’ we’ve ever had — so we hope you will. Thank you so much for everything you’ve given us. We wish you the sweetest of Christmases and the rockin’est New Year ever.”

More information on Rock Sugar, including the fictional story on how the band came together, can be found at

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