Rocker Drops ‘F-Bomb’ On Fans And Donors At Red Cross Benefit

Rocker Drops ‘F-Bomb’ On Fans And Donors At Red Cross Benefit

December 14, 2011

“Nothing like coming to a fundraising event, getting cursed at, then insulted by the host,” said a disappointed potential donor at the UnitedRockers4u Red Cross Benefit Concert, held last April in Los Angeles, where a repeat of the live show will take place this Thursday, to have a second-go at raising money for world disaster relief.

XYZ frontman, concert organizer and co-author of the charity single, “One Family,” Terry Ilous welcomed donors and fans to the benefit, designed to raise money for the American Red Cross, through the promotion and sale of his song, followed-up with a very disrespectful whistle, and… “SHUT the @%&*-up!”

“Not that we were shocked at the behavior from a rocker, ’cause we hear much worse at rock concerts,” said Miles Willis, a rock fan and Red Cross supporter. “But at a charity event, this is the last thing you expect to see or hear. We were compelled to give, but after being addressed by such an unprofessional display, we opted out.”

According to attendees, the French-born Ilous (Jack Russell’s replacement singer in the rock metal band, Great White), never smiled at the audience, and wasn’t given the attention and respect he demanded from attendees.

“It was sad,” Valerie Margolin, another patron said. “It seemed like a beautiful song, but after being insulted, the audience did anything but pay attention, they just got louder.”

“We left half-way through the song,” Margolin said. “It was a horrible performance after that,” noting that Ilous, actually needed a lyric sheet to sing the very song he wrote.

“You would’ve thought the guy might’ve taken the time to rehearse and learn his own song, before presenting it in a live concert. Shows how little he cared about his fans, let alone his song,” she added.

Now, in the throws of a sequel to his April benefit, Ilous will take center stage, this time at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood on December 15 at 9:00pm, to welcome a whole new audience of fans and donors to his “One Family” anthem for the Red Cross, along with a LIVE stream to millions of internet onlookers thru

“I hope Mr. Ilous will be more respectful of people who have taken the time to attend his events and support his song,” Margolin said. “No matter how great the cause, nobody wants to give if they feel intimidated or threatened.”

United Rockers 4U is a coalition of notable rock artists and entertainment industry professionals, which includes Ilous, Eddie Money, Bobby Kimball (TOTO); Don Dokken (Dokken); Jimi Jamison (Survivor); Robin McAuley (MSG/Survivor); Jeff Paris (“One Family” co-author); Richie Kotzen (Poison/Mr. Big); Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt), Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne/Quiet Riot/Whitesnake); Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Foreigner/Billy Idol); Robert Sarzo (Hurricane); Michael Thompson and others, aimed at generating funds for charity through their music. Their single “One Family” was on December 12th and can purchased at both and

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