Rocklahoma Storm Causes Changes In Line-Up, Video Of Fallen Stage


July 13, 2008

Ray Miller, who has been attending the Rocklahoma festival in Pryor, Oklahoma, has sent Sleaze Roxx the following email about the devestating storm that ripped through the concert site Saturday afternoon. Ray is working on a soon-to-be released book entitled “Pulling Your Hair Out – Stories of Decadence and Excess that Shaped 1980’s Metal” which will be available at

What a wild fucking day!

As you reported here, the side stages did collapse, and there was only the one minor injury that we were told about. There also was the earlier death that was the result of heat exhaustion. Here are some other things I found out later tonight.

1. The rest of the show went on as planned. Since there was no side stage entertainment, they were doing fast changes to the main stage (15-20 minutes between acts). Things went pretty smoothly, and the balance of the main stage acts made it to the stage.

2. The promoters are trying to get the side stages back up overnight. That being said, they are planning to change the lineups for tomorrow to allow the bands that didn’t get to perform today to go tomorrow. I spoke to one act that is a little edgier than the rest, and they said that they weren’t going to get to perform, because the promoters are a little more into the whole “glam” thing. So, the side stage acts that actually paid the promoters to play, as well as their own travel expenses are just plain ‘shit out of luck’.

3. The crowd tonight sat through a driving rainstorm to see the balance of the show. The fans that are here are serious rock and roll fans!

4. Jani Lane showed up, and for all intents and purposes, seemed to be in pretty good shape. He is not the Jani of old, but he also wasn’t the Jani of last Sunday in Las Vegas either. He has lost a step, but that isn’t news now is it…

Below is fan filmed footage of the fallen side-stages at Rocklahoma.

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