Ron Keel Band release video for new track “Homesick”

Ron Keel Band release video for new track “Homesick”

Almost two months after the release of the song “Homesick”, the Ron Keel Band have now released a video for the track.

The Ron Keel Band‘s “Story” on their Facebook page states:

“Frontman Ron Keel has officially launched the Ron Keel Band and is now touring and recording under that name.

As the summer touring season heats up, RKB will continue to deliver the Right To Rock, the Badlands House Band classics, the Keel hits, and songs that celebrate the hard rockin’/hard workin’/hard partyin’ American way of life.

As the Badlands House Band, this group saw action in nine states in 2016, including: headline slots at major fairs and festivals – bike events such as the Sturgis Rally and a headline show at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston – and backed up platinum artists like Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Mark Slaughter, Don Dokken, Kip Winger, and Stephen Pearcy (RATT).

The lineup remains unchanged, with Keel front and center, lead guitarist DC Cothern, bassist El Diablo, Dakota Scott on keyboards and The Rev on drums. “These guys have been through hell and back with me,” Keel admits, “and there’s a special bond and chemistry that becomes very evident on stage. Putting my name on it ratchets up the pressure and establishes us as a national act, which will give us more opportunities to get out there and play for more people.”

While adding new material to the show, the foundation upon which the band was built remains the same: classic anthems that everyone knows and sings along with, music that reflects the hard rockin’/hard workin’/partyin’ way of life and the American values the band holds sacred. The Keel MTV/VH1 hits like “The Right To Rock,” “Tears Of Fire,” “Because The Night,” “Somebody’s Waiting” and “Rock & Roll Outlaw” are in the mix as well as songs from Ron Keel‘s acclaimed solo album “Metal Cowboy” and other projects.

The production mixes theatrics (playing upon the group’s “Apocalyptic Cowboy” image) with the band’s natural down-to-earth attitude – larger-than-life characters who could just be the guys next door after Armageddon threatens to wipe out rock ‘n roll…”

Ron Keel Band‘s “Homesick” video:

HOMESICK Official Music Video

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