Ron Keel clarifies what “no plans for another Keel album” means

Ron Keel clarifies what “no plans for another Keel album” means

Back on June 24, 2019, Sleaze Roxx posted an article with the headline “Ron Keel advises that there are no plans for another Keel album” based on an interview with that the Keel, Steeler and Ron Keel Band frontman did with Hair Band Heaven.

Sleaze Roxx‘s headline was derived directly from what Ron Keel partly stated in that interview, which was namely: “I’ve had a strong bond with Marc Ferrari, Bryan Jay and Dwain Miller for 35 years now and I love those guys – and recent gigs at KeelFest and the Frontiers Festival in Milan prove we still have some gas left in the tank. There are some Keel shows next year, including the 2020 Monsters Of Rock Cruise, but no plans for another album. Ron Keel Band is my business, and business is good right now.”

Nevertheless, the headline appears to have caused some confusion for some people who are misinterpreting the words “no plans for another Keel album.”

The following message was posted on Ron Keel‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“I pride myself on my communication skills, my ability to write a book, craft a song lyric, and conduct a solid interview on either side of the microphone. I don’t have time to act as an interpreter to clarify what was clearly said in plain English, but I’m going to do it anyway. Apparently the Facebook age has made it difficult for some people to understand the meaning of a very plain sentence. I always have, and always will, stand by my words and I keep it honest with our fans and the media. So let me clarify and interpret this fucking headline for those who were led to misunderstand it:

“There are no PLANS for another Keel ALBUM.”

That doesn’t mean we’re done – not by a long shot. We’re planning on crushing the Monsters of Rock Cruise in 2020 and getting ready to announce our 2020 European tour.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be another album – just that right now there are no PLANS for another ALBUM. I have learned to NEVER say “never” when it comes to my musical journey.

And it doesn’t mean we won’t ever record new music – we proved on 2010’s “Streets Of Rock N Roll” album that we could still create and record great songs in the spirit of classic Keel. I’d love to see (and hear!) a new Keel tune or two within the next year, to commemorate our 35th Anniversary and the great shows we have planned in 2020.

When I get asked in an interview “Are there any plans for another Keel album?” I have a simple truthful answer – no. I have been saying this same thing in interviews for many years now, and I will continue to remain honest and true with fans and media. I am very protective of my friendship with Marc Ferrari, Bryan Jay, and Dwain Miller, and our 35 year history and legacy. Keel may be my last name, but Keel is THEIR band and I’ve always tried to honor that.

#RonKeelBand is not a side project. We’ve busted our asses for almost five years to establish this band, we’ve got a great new album out #FightLikeABand on EMP Label Group, we’re getting ready to launch the second single #GirlsLikeMe, a full schedule of shows including 24th Annual Hot Harley Nights with Night Ranger, another full album release (“SOUTH X SOUTH DAKOTA”) on the way in a few months, and a lot more going on. Everyone in that band/crew/team/family has worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get where we are, and as the leader of the band I am hell bent on getting a return on our investment.

If you want to know what I’m doing, what I feel, what’s happening in my life and career, follow me at, Twitter & Facebook @RonKeel, Instagram @officialronkeel, and If you don’t want to know, that’s cool too. Enjoy the interviews – I do a lot of them, and I don’t pull any punches. But when you see/read headlines like this, take them at face value, understand the verbs, nouns, and adjectives – and if you need additional clarification, I’m not hard to find.”