Ron Keel launches RFK Media, signs The Fifth, unveils ‘Keeled’ EP and upcoming compilation album

Ron Keel launches RFK Media, signs The Fifth, unveils ‘Keeled’ EP and upcoming compilation album

It is no surprise that the self-admitted control freak and workaholic Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler, Ron Keel Band) has decided to launch his own record label / multi-media company RFK Media and the new venture has made all sorts of announcements today including the release of the Keeled EP, the label’s first signing (The Fifth) and an upcoming compilation album titled Keelworld slated for release in January 2023.

RFK Media‘s press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Ron Keel has officially launched his new record label/multi-media company RFK Media LLC:

The first release from this new venture is Keeled, a five-track EP by Ron Keel Band which features new versions of 80’s Keel classics such as “The Right To Rock” and “Tears of Fire.” RFK Media has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Amplified Distribution, and Keeled is now available worldwide on all major digital outlets, retail, and streaming platforms.

The label’s first signing is The Fifth, featuring vocalist Roy Cathey (Cold Sweat). These hard rockers have been terrorizing the southeastern US for years and are now set to break out with their first release on RFK later this year. “Roy has the pipes, personality and passion required to be a world-class frontman,” Ron explains, “and he’s part of the Keel family tree. The band, the songs, the style and the image are all killer, and we couldn’t be more excited about our first signing to the RFK roster.”

Press photo courtesy of RFK Media

Keel and his partners have also joined forces with Uncontrolled Noize to unleash, a state- of-the-art online streaming station that will feature a massive playlist of all rock from all genres and top-rated syndicated programming. KRFK is the only exclusively online station with broadcast rights to “House of Hair with Dee Snider” and “The Joe Elliott Show;” the station will of course be home to Ron Keel’s “Streets of Rock N Roll” radio show each week.

RFK Media plans to release brand new music from Ron Keel Band, Keel, Steeler, IronHorse and other projects from Ron’s history, with a succession of singles in 2022 leading up to the compilation album “Keelworld” in January 2023, which will be a collection of all-new tracks from those bands.

“It’s time,” Ron insists. “When HighVolMusic chief Bill Chavis died [along with his wife Lori, from Covid-19] we lost not only two dear friends but our record deal as well. My business partners and I decided to take the bull by the horns and do this our way, and I believe we have the experience, brains and balls to get it done right.”

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RFK Media Announcement on Feb. 7, 2022: