Ron Keel reports that his wife on the road to full recovery from cancer

Ron Keel reports that his wife on the road to full recovery from cancer

Congratulations to Keel frontman / the “Metal Cowboy” Ron Keel and his wife Renee as the latter is reportedly on the way to make a full recovery from cancer.

Back in December 2016, Ron Keel had announced that his wife was in the midst of a fight against cancer and he would be doing whatever he could to raise funds to pay for the hefty anticipated medical expenses that would be coming their way. In a show of solidarity, Ron Keel also shaved his head to match his wife’s eventual bald head from her cancer treatments.

The following message was posted on the singer’s Facebook page earlier today:

“I am overjoyed to report that Renee Keel has come through her double mastectomy surgery with flying colors. The entire process was about 4.5 hours and I met with both surgeons afterward and got totally positive reports. We are confident the cancer is gone and she’s on the road to a full recovery. She looks great, she’s in good spirits, pain is not too bad and she’s ready for dinner! I marvel at her toughness and fortitude, she is my inspiration. Thanks everyone for the care and concern, messages and prayers.”

Ron Keel‘s “Dead Man Rockin'” lyric video:


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