Ron Keel thinks that he sings better now than he did during Keel’s ’80s era albums

Ron Keel thinks that he sings better now than he did during Keel’s ’80s era albums

Ron Keel Band, Keel and Steeler frontman Ron Keel was recently interviewed by The Cosmick View and was asked about re-recording the Keel songs The Right To Rock,” “Because The Night,” “Tears of Fire” and “Somebody’s Waiting” for the Ron Keel Band‘s debut album Fight Like A Band, which was released in February 2019.

Ron Keel advised: “…. those songs are part of the soundtrack of my life, they are like friends of mine, and I wanted to give ‘em the treatment they deserved. I sing better now than I did then. I was just a kid, learning my craft – now I’m a seasoned veteran with a much bigger toolbox and total control of my instrument…power, tone, control, all those aspects of my voice have improved with time. And trust me, there’s WAY more pressure now than there was then – it’s all on the line now, as I head down the homestretch for the next 10 years with the pedal all the way down.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Ron Keel at The Cosmick View‘s website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Fight Like A Band: “I must confess that as soon as my purchased CD arrived in the mail and I finally saw the song list, I fast forwarded to the remakes of the Keel tracks at the end of the album.

Two things struck me as I listened to the sampling of Keel tracks — the “Because The Night” and “Somebody’s Waiting” medley, the ballad “Tears of Fire” and the ultimate Keel anthem “The Right To Rock.” The first thing was that those are great songs and they reminded me how much I loved Keel back in the day and really how I put them on par (at the time) with all of the other bands out there in the late ’80s. The second thing that struck me was that Ron Keel still has a good voice but has lost his power and range to some extent. It surely hit home when I heard Ron Keel‘s subdued and more baritone delivery of the opening classic scream on “The Right To Rock.” I am not sure why the Ron Keel Band decided to include those four re-recorded Keel tracks on their debut album as it’s tough enough selling new music to the public, it’s even harder when the public can literally compare the new material to some of the best (re-recorded) songs that Ron Keel‘s previous band had come up with.”

Keel‘s “The Right To Rock” video (from The Right To Rock album):

Keel-The right to rock

Classic vid from the 80’ shit ,Enjoy!!!