Ronnie James Dio, “Cancer, I’ll Kick The Hell Out Of You”

Ronnie James Dio, “Cancer, I’ll Kick The Hell Out Of You”

March 29, 2010

Steve Simon of reports: He’s been called the “Grand Wizard of Classic Rock” and a heavy metal icon, but for the past few months 67-year-old Ronnie James Dio has been known as a cancer patient.

“Why come to Houston? It’s the best hospital, ” Dio said as he got ready for a round of chemotherapy at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Monday.

Dio has been going to M.D. Anderson since late last year when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“I’ve been poked and prodded in holes I never had before,” Dio said.

Dio is soft-spoken and relaxed during treatment, it’s a different persona then most people are used to seeing. He’s been the front-man for groups like “Black Sabbath”, “Rainbow” and currently he’s the lead vocalist for “Dio.” He made the “devil’s horn” hand gesture part of the Heavy Metal culture.

Those hands now get support from wife Wendy, nurses and doctors. Dio first noticed symptoms after Halloween. He felt chest-pain and indigestion that eventually led to the cancer diagnosis. Dio now comes to Houston every two weeks for treatment.

“I’m lucky that I’m a hard person in terms of my beliefs,” said Dio.

Dio then has a direct message for the tumor in his stomach: “Cancer, I’ll kick the hell out of you.”

“Ronnie is a very feisty person, He’s taking in in stride. He just wants to get on with his life,” Wendy Dio said.

Getting on with life means flying in from Los Angeles, five hours of chemotherapy, then flying back home. Sometimes band members, like bass player Geezer Butler, come for support.

Wendy Dio is always with him. The treatment seems to be working, Wendy Dio said the tumor is getting smaller, all of this in a man with a very big voice who expects to go back on tour soon.

“The fans have been incredible, it proves to me that I’ve done something right with my life,” said Dio.


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