Ronnie James Dio Disappointed In Heaven & Hell Cancellations

Ronnie James Dio Disappointed In Heaven & Hell Cancellations

May 4, 2010

Ronnie James Dio, who is currently battling stomach cancer, has released the following statement regarding the recent cancellation of Heaven & Hell’s summer tour.

Dio states, “I would like to voice my great disappointment on the cancellation of the Heaven And Hell summer tour. Wendy, my doctors and I have worked so hard to make it happen for all of you, the ones we care so much about, that this set back could be devastating, but we will not let it be. With your continued love and support, we… will carry on and thrive. There will be other tours, more music, more life and much more magic.”

In mid-March Dio’s wife Wendy updated his official website with this news, “Well, now it has been Ronnie’s 7th chemo, another cat scan and another endoscopy, and the results are good – the main tumor has shrunk considerably, and our visits to Houston are now every three weeks instead of every two weeks.”

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