Roulette release two albums ‘Preloaded’ and ‘Reloaded’ via FnA Records

Roulette release two albums ‘Preloaded’ and ‘Reloaded’ via FnA Records

FnA Records has come up with a real treat for ’80s rock n’ roll and Roulette fans as it has released two albums Preloaded and Reloaded. You can purchase the albums Preloaded and Reloaded via FnA Records‘ website.

FnA Records‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

“Detroit has always had a thriving music scene and the ’80s were no exception when it came to Rock and Metal. Roulette was one of the hottest bands that took the raw Motor City energy and combined it with chugging riffs and vocal harmonies with catchy hooks…not to mention a killer high energy live show.

Joe Moder (vocals, guitar) worked at Gus Zoppi’s music on the notorious 8 Mile Road teaching guitar when Matt Jackson (guitars) and Darrell Schneck (drums) came in to buy strings and drum sticks. Sharing the same musical tastes and aspirations, Roulette was born. Finding a bass player (Patrick Morgan) proved to be more difficult, but fortunately the four connected and began working on what would become “Re-Loaded: Pull The Trigger.”

They began playing local shows at venues like “The Ritz,” “I-Rock,” and Harpo’s” and also warming up for nationals like FireHouse, L.A. Guns, and XYZ, but it became apparent that they needed to get exposure elsewhere. They packed up the Winnebago and began touring other Midwest Rock/Metal cities with great success.

Along the way, Roulette made time to record “Pull The Trigger” which was released to a sold out crowd at Harpo’s in front of 2,100 screaming metalheads as the video for “Burnin Alive” can attest to on YouTube.

For those that know, Roulette: Reloaded is a CD that everyone wants in their collections and bootlegs were going for over $100 a piece. The band and FnA Records have chosen to send the bootleggers elsewhere by releasing an official CD for Reloaded and on top of that release never released material from the years previous.

Roulette is releasing two albums (“Preloaded” & “Reloaded”) via FnA Records. Preloaded was recorded in ’88-’89 and is more of a Joe Moder solo album where Joe played every instrument on the album. Reloaded ’89-’90 was a full band recorded and produced project.

Check it out and crank it up – Detroit style!! You will be glad you did!”

Roulette‘s “Burnin’ Alive” video: