Rowan Robertson reveals one unreleased and unrecorded song for Dio’s ‘Lock Up The Wolves’ album

Rowan Robertson reveals one unreleased and unrecorded song for Dio’s ‘Lock Up The Wolves’ album

Former Dio and current DC4 guitarist Rowan Robertson was recently interviewed by Mick Michaels for The Cosmick View and a good portion of the interview entered on the guitarist’s time in Dio.

In terms of how many songs were recorded for Robertson‘s follow up album with Dio after the Lock Up The Wolves record, Robertson indicated (with slight edits):

“When my time ended with Dio, it was because Ronnie [James Dio] put his band on ice to do Black Sabbath again. We knocked around maybe a couple of guitar riffs over two sessions but that was it, there was no songs written for a second album. On the first album there was one track that wasn’t recorded… I wouldn’t be able to let it out publicly without Wendy Dio‘s blessing as it was her and Ronnie who brought me out here and gave me my break. He never asked me to come back to the band when he put it back together. I had a record deal with my own group… Who knows, if I was available, maybe he would have asked, but he never did. I don’t know about the other members. Simon [Wright] worked with him through to the end.”

With respect to whether he thinks that there’s a chance that people will hear that song in the future, Robertson opined: “I hope the fans do get to hear the song, but it was only recorded in rehearsal. From what I understand there is other material which never made albums in other lineups. It would be nice for people to hear that stuff but that’s not up to me. One thing that Ronnie did say, was that he wrote enough songs for the record, he did not write 20 songs and choose 10, he wrote 10 for the album. In my case there was one extra and a different chorus for one of the other songs too.”

In regard to his own personal experiences working with the legendary Ronnie James Dio, Robertson stated: “I was fortunate enough to call Ronnie James Dio a friend and not only that, he was my mentor and also he looked out for me as I was so young. He was thoughtful, caring and very funny, so my experience in Dio was great.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Rowan Robertson by Mick Michaels at The Cosmick View‘s website.