Rox release revamped version of song “Do Ya Feel Like Lovin'”

Rox release revamped version of song “Do Ya Feel Like Lovin'”

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal rockers Rox have released a revamped “2016” version of their song “Do Ya Feel Like Lovin'” via Teenteeze Records.

rox-photo-2Back in 1982, Rox released a three song EP called Hot Love In The City. The band was comprised of Kevin Kozak (vocals), Red Hot Red (guitars), Paul Diamond (guitars), Gary Maunsell (bass) and Bernie Emerald (drums). The three songs on the Hot Love In The City EP were “Hot Love In The City,” “Do Ya Feel Like Lovin'” and “Love Ya Like A Diamond.”

The group released a subsequent album entitled Violent Breed in 1983 and with Mark Savage handling the lead vocals instead of Kevin Kozak.

Based on Rox‘s Facebook cover photo, it appears that Kozak, Red Hot Red and Diamond have reunited to forge ahead as Rox although Emerald and Maunsell are also listed on the Facebook page as band members.


Track List for 1983’s Violent Breed album:
01. Love Ya like A Diamond
02. I Wanna Be A Hero
03. Dressed To Kill
04. Say Goodbye To Love
05. Daylight Robbery
06. Hot On Your Trax
07. Wild And Crazy
08. Jailbait
09. Violation

Rox‘s “Do Ya Feel Like Lovin'” lyric video:

ROX – Do Ya Feel Like Lovin’ (The 2016 Revamp) ©2016 Teenteeze Records.

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