Roxanne release video for track “First Mistake”

Roxanne release video for track “First Mistake”

Roxanne consisting of frontman Jamie Brown (on lead vocals and guitar), guitarist John Butler, bassist Joe Infante and drummer Dave Landry have unveiled one more video in support of their sophomore album Radio Silence that was released via Rat Pak Records back in late October 2018.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Radio Silence:

“Thirty years is a long time between albums but that is exactly what we’re getting with Roxanne‘s sophomore album Radio Silence, which comes 30 years after the release of the band’s debut album. Thirty years is one hell of a time to wait and the results are almost worth the wait! There are quite a few real standout tracks on Radio Silenceand had there been a few of that ilk, this album would have definitely found itself in the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018.

I confess that I don’t recall Roxanne from back in the late ’80s but then again, I wasn’t really into AOR back then and from what I can tell from the band’s description of its debut, it was more melodic rock than anything else. I did listen to a few tracks from the debut (“Cherry Bay” and “Sweet Maria”) for the purposes of my review of Radio Silence and I like what I heard. I also see that Roxanne seem to have continued where they left off with their debut as the attitude, groove and swagger from at least those two songs can definitely be found on Radio Silence.

After hearing the first three singles (via videos) from Radio Silence — “Someone To Kill”, “Super Bad” and “Go Fuck Yourself” — I knew that I would be buying the album and made a point of getting it before year’s end. My first few listens were enjoyable but nothing really stuck out that much aside that it was quite well produced and sounded great. I think the reason for that is that the album kind of slows down and tails off quite a bit with the last four tracks. Had Roxanne limited their sophomore effort to those first seven songs, it would have likely made the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018 but you take an album as a whole, and those last four tracks just aren’t at the same level as the first magnificent seven.”

Roxanne‘s “First Mistake” video:

Roxanne “First Mistake” Official Video

Roxanne “First Mistake” Official Video from the album “Radio Silence”! Roxanne “Radio Silence” Available in stores and at:Autographed CD’s: http://www.ratpa…