Roxy Blue Streaming New Album Teaser On Sleaze Roxx

Roxy Blue Streaming New Album Teaser On Sleaze Roxx

December 16, 2012

Roxy Blue and FnA Records recently joined forces to raid the band’s vaults. The partnership has resulted in the release of three albums, ‘Want Some More’, ‘Stripped’ and ‘Live At Nightmoves’, and is giving you an exclusive first listen to the highly anticipated ‘Want Some More’ album. Take a listen, and the head over to to add some Roxy Blue to your collection.

In 1992, hard rock fans were hit broadside with a momentous album entitled ‘Want Some’ that seemed to come out of nowhere. The band was Roxy Blue, and while they were relatively unknown outside of their hometown of Memphis, music industry insiders knew that there was something about this band that set them apart from all the pretty boy hair bands that were currently being signed on a daily basis. So much so that everyone wanted to work with Roxy Blue and be a part of their magic! When the smoke cleared, Motley Crue’s management team was chosen to head the ship, Guns N’ Roses producer Mike Clink was chosen to produce their debut album, and Geffen Records was the label that would release it.

Word spread quickly that Roxy Blue was the hottest new band around and they became the darlings of the hard rock media. Management was gearing up to break Roxy Blue as ‘The Next Big Thing’. With constant comparisons to Van Halen, Warrant, and even Motley Crue, everyone was feeling the energy and momentum surrounding this band. The band’s album ‘Want Some’ immediately broke the Top 40 on Billboard’s AOR chart and was even reported to be the ‘Most Spun Rock Record Of The Summer’ by Record and Review Magazine. A tour with Babylon A.D. and Wildside kicked off the summer party while MTV constantly kept the band’s videos in rotation on shows like the “Top Twenty Countdown”, “Most Wanted”, and “Headbangers Ball”. The band was on a rocket-ride winning masses of fans in the process.

Just like a summer love affair, Roxy Blue was here and gone in the blink of an eye. It all came and went too quickly and fans were left wanting more! But something funny was going on in the music industry and a whole legion of hard rock hair-band fans were left scratching their heads as a genre they heavily supported was systematically being deconstructed… And the band would be left holding the distinction of ‘The Last Successful Hair Band Of All Time’ according to the novel “The History Of Rock-n-Roll”.

Where did it all go? How could a band with such a huge momentum and powerful live show and tons of fans all of a sudden be gone? The fans were definitely left Wanting ‘Some More’, and twenty years later that’s what the fans are getting with the release of ‘Want Soem More’, ‘Stripped’ and ‘Live At Nightmoves’ all available through FnA Records. (

FnA Records has formed an alliance with Roxy Blue to pick up where they left off. The best way to do this is to raid the vaults and pull out all the unreleased studio recordings, demos, B-sides, rarities, and live tracks recorded before and during the early Roxy Blue Days.

The first album ‘Want Some More’ can best be described as an extension of the classic ‘Want Some’ album. Definitely not throw away tracks, the album is comprised of songs that could easily replace any track on the 1992 album. There are eleven solid never-before-heard tracks that will excite and titillate not only fans of Roxy Blue, but fans of good solid 80’s style hard rock. Following the eleven tracks are three demos for “Love’s Got A Hold On Me”, “Times Are Changin'”, and “Rock-A-Bye Baby”, and a live version of “Rob The Cradle” — all of which are fan favorites from the debut album.

The second release is an album called ‘Stripped’. Anyone who enjoyed the unplugged acoustic MTV type of shows will definitely enjoy this album. The majority of the tracks are all acoustic and in most cases in different tempos. Five of the thirteen tracks will be different versions of memorable tunes featured on the 1992 ‘Want Some’ album, while the remaining tracks will all be unheard tracks (stripped down and electric/wired up) from the band’s vault. Tracks like “Merry Go Down”, “Mississippi Moon”, “Blind By Belief”, “Cruisin” and many others will fill the long lost desire for more material from this band. Some tracks may even illicit a double take… but you’ll only know that secret if you hear the album.

The last album is a live release called ‘Live At Nightmoves’. This show was recorded just prior to the band leaving to Los Angeles to record their debut album. This was a sort’ve farewell and see you soon with a new album show for the fans that supported the band throughout the years. The cool thing about this live disc, besides the energy and onstage banter between songs, is that there are a handful of songs (“All Tied Up”, “Outta Control”, and “Way Down In Dixie”) that were played during this show but were never recorded anywhere else period! Additionally, eight of the thirteen tracks were tunes that didn’t even make it to the debut album.

FnA Records is proud to bring you these three albums available individually, as a three-pack (at a reduced price), and as autographed fan packs with a limited edition Roxy Blue guitar pic. However, as a present to the die-hard fans, anyone buying a three-pack (all three albums) prior to Christmas will receive a limited edition Roxy Blue guitar pic as well.

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