Rudy Sarzo feels that Quiet Riot continuing is way to keep deceased bandmates’ memory and music alive

Rudy Sarzo feels that Quiet Riot continuing is way to keep deceased bandmates’ memory and music alive

Former Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and Dio bassist Rudy Sarzo was recently interviewed by Marcelo Vieira for Marcelo Vieira Music.

Sarzo was asked whether he seems any sense in Quiet Riot continuing now that singer Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali have both passed away, to which he replied (as transcribed from Portuguese to English by Marcelo Vieira Music):

“Thirty-eight years ago, when Randy Rhoads passed away, I was not mature. I didn’t know many things that I know now. Today I understand the responsibility of every musician who is left behind when their bandmates die. It is up to us to keep their memory and their music alive. If we don’t do it, then it’s over. It also brings authenticity to the thing. Because we were there, we were part of that creation, and we brought that with us. I know what it’s like to play “Crazy Train” with Randy Rhoads; I was there. Sometimes I participate in Randy tribute shows; complete shows with songs he composed and recorded, mainly with Ozzy [Osbourne]. It is likely that I am the only guy [present] who ever played with Randy; therefore, it is my responsibility to lend this authenticity and share it with everyone who wants to celebrate Randy’s memory, be it the public or the other musicians.”

In terms of whether he will be writing a follow up to his book Off The Rails (2006), which would detail his post-Ozzy Osbourne career, Sarzo indicated: “I’m working on a new book, yes. A coloring book, which will come with crayons [laughs]. I wrote “Off The Rails” specifically to clarify incorrect information about the accident that killed Randy. There were many theories. What happens is that a lie becomes true if it is repeated long enough without anyone challenging it. I wrote the book just to clarify everything. But to do that, I had to start from the beginning. I had a specific purpose in dedicating a year and a half of my life to writing the book; do justice to my bandmate and dear friend to whom I owe my career. If it weren’t for Randy recommending Ozzy and Sharon [Osbourne], maybe you and I weren’t having this conversation today.”

You can read the interview with Rudy Sarzo in Portuguese at Marcelo Vieira Music’s website.