Rumors Of New AC/DC Album, But “Nothing Official”


March 2, 2008

Is AC/DC poised to return to the studio, eight years after the band made its last studio album?

An insider from Albert Music, AC/DC’s long-time Australian record company, has revealed there is plenty of excitement building about a possible new album from the band.

“We’re very hopeful,” he said, “but at this stage there’s nothing official.”

Because of their immense fan base all over the globe, any speculation about Accadacca making new music sends fans into a frenzy.

But AC/DC’s New York management is yet to confirm rumours that the band will soon begin recording another album in the US. “They work on their own time frame,” said the Sydney source.

“When they make a record, it’s because they want to.”

The band itself is now strikingly international, with members scattered across the globe. Malcolm and Angus Young divide their time between Britain and Australia (with Angus also spending time in the Netherlands because he has a Dutch wife). Singer Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams are based in the US, while drummer Phil Rudd lives in New Zealand.

“They can all get together pretty quickly though,” the source said.

Because AC/DC are renowned as one of the most incredible live acts in the world, any possible album would probably be followed by a lengthy international tour.

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