Rumours that Adler and Stradlin may well be part of Guns N’ Roses reunion

Rumours that Adler and Stradlin may well be part of Guns N’ Roses reunion

Now that Guns N’ Roses have confirmed one of the worst kept secrets that lead singer Axl Rose will be reuniting with former members Slash (lead guitar) and Duff McKagan (bass), the big question that remains is whether the rest of the classic Appetite For Destruction line-up will be reuniting.

Early reports have the full line-up of the “reunited” Guns N’ Roses not including Adler nor Stradlin. While there is no doubt that the Guns N’ Roses reunion has the very real potential to be a huge money maker for Rose, Slash and McKagan irrespective of whether or not Adler and Stradlin are on board for the reunion, the public sentiment seems to be that the reunion would be even better if the latter two were part of it.

Adler photoIt should be no surprise that Adler wants to be part of the reunion since he did reunite to play with Slash and McKagan when Guns N’ Roses were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame back in 2012 and although he has released some good music on his own, he has not achieved close to the same post Guns N’ Roses success as either Slash or McKagan. Rumours and speculation persist including from none other than Eddie Trunk that Adler is in negotiations with the Guns N’ Roses camp to be part of the reunion in some form. Trunk stated in his article dated January 5, 2016 that: “My sources have told me current GnR drummer Frank Ferrer will be retained and play the bulk of the show, with perhaps a guest appearance from Steven Adler if a deal can be worked out.” Given how long it apparently took for the legal issues to be cleared up between Rose and Slash, it makes sense that bringing Adler back into the fold will require some serious negotiations and legal tweaking.

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven was recently interviewed by a Phoenix, Arizona based morning show on January 8, 2016 (go to 13:54 point of interview) where he revealed that Stradlin was also a possibility for the Guns N’ Roses reunion despite rumours to the contrary.

Izzy photoNiven stated the following about Stradlin‘s importance to Guns N’ Roses: “The other point is, you know, there was obviously a coalescence of a real genuine real talent there. You know, I did not feel like I have to insert myself into something to try to you know take it up to another level. Axl was a very insightful writer. Slash is not the Slash he is today which is stunning to me today but back then, he was a real colloquial player. Duff was a very solid musician who came from a punk ethic. So I mean, Izzy… People seem to miss the fact that Izzy is basically the magic factor that has gone missing… Absolutely. It was his sense of rhythm playing; the vernacular that he used in his lyric writing that just really… He’s absolutely crucial to Guns N’ Roses.”

Of note, Stradlin is known to have co-written nine of the twelve songs on Appetite For Destruction with the exceptions being “Welcome To The Jungle”, “It’s So Easy” and “Rocket Queen.” Stradlin is credited with at least co-writing eight of the sixteen songs on Use Your Illusion I, which includes arguably the best penned Guns N’ Roses songs on that album except for “November Rain.” Stradlin only has writing credits for four out of the fourteen songs on Use Your Illusion II but that does include co-writes for the songs “14 Years” and “You Could Be Mine.”

In regard to whether Stradlin would take part in the Guns N’ Roses reunion, Niven stated: “Izzy will sit on the sidelines until he feels like he wants to get his toes in the water you know? He won’t, he does not like all the [inaudible], drama and.” When it was suggested that Stradlin did not want to be a part of a Guns N’ Roses reunion, Nevin replied, “I think that he has written with them [laughs]. No recently.”

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