Rust n’ Rage release video for song “D.O.A.”

Rust n’ Rage release video for song “D.O.A.”

Finnish rockers Rust n’ Rage consisting of lead vocalist Vince, bassist Eddy, drummer Jezzie and guitarist Johnny have released a video for their song “D.O.A.”.

Rust n’ Rage‘s “Biography” on their Facebook page indicates:

“Plastic TV idols and schlager jerk-offs, leave the premises! The West Coast of Finland is going to explode! Hot, young, armed and dangerous, Rust n’ Rage is roaming the rooftops of Pori city. Barely 20-year-olds, Vince, Johnny, Jezzie and Eddy pledge their allegiance to rock gods such as Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and Judas Priest.

After two demos and three years of furious live performances, these hellraisers are releasing their debut album, Showdown. It is a fuel-soaked pilgrimage to the neon-lit streets of ultimate decadence. The eleven outlaw anthems deal with the unbearable heat of the night and sleazy she-devils, showing true promise in keeping the glam metal flame alive. Showdown is released through co-operation of Ektro Records and Karkia Mistika. You can’t take ROCK’N’ROLL from our souls!”

Rust n’ Rage‘s “D.O.A.” video:


New music video for our new single, D.O.A. (2019) is now OUT!!! Enjoy ,,/Huge thanks for making this happen: Antti Kyyrö/Miaco Cinema, Veera Rintamäki/the g…