Rusted frontman Tony Rust unveils new solo project and video for debut single “Snowstorm”

Rusted frontman Tony Rust unveils new solo project and video for debut single “Snowstorm”

Rusted lead vocalist and former La Voix contestant Tony Rust has assembled a solo band consisting of bassist Christian Marquis, lead guitarist Gabriel Corriveau and drummer Nicko Drummer. The group is going under the name of Tony Rust & The Mudhorses and has just released a video for its debut single “Snowstorm.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Rust was asked what prompted him to start a solo band to which he replied: “The idea was there since a long time. I’ve been listening to a whole kind of different music my whole life and sometimes it tends to influence me on my writing. So the point was that I had lots of songs put aside that didn’t quite fit with Rusted. I ended up with more than I need for a whole album. When the pandemic struck last March, just like everyone else, I ended up with lots of free times in front of me and tons of songs to work on!”

In terms of how he found his new bandmates and why they are called The Mudhorses, Rust indicated: “The Mudhorses are composed of long-time friends of mine. It was an easy choice for me to ask them to be my band ’cause I’ve always wanted to play with them. Some are friends from different bands of the Montreal scene like Gab Corriveau from Nightbreaker and [Christian] Marquis from the bluegrass band Damn Old Brew. For Nicko, it was little bit different though as I didn’t even know that he was that good on a drum kit! He was — and still is — the roadie for Rusted since the very beginning and he is also a part-time luthier. He built his own drum kit and the guitar I’m using in most of the tracks. So I was really surprised when he asked me to try playing for my new project. We jammed once and the chemistry was already there! The Mudhorses were complete. In regard to the name of the band, it’s a made up word that our bass player Marquis put together by using a combination of the names of our main influences as a band — Tom Petty‘s first band Mudcrutch and Neil Young‘s iconic band Crazy Horse.”

With respect to Rusted whose last studio album dates back to Rock Patrol in 2013, Rust stated: “Like everybody on the planet, we were kind of stuck at home but we managed to finally put the final touch on what’s going to be our next EP, or maybe a full-length album if we have the opportunity to record a couple more songs soon! I’m really excited about this one ’cause I think it’s by far the best work we ever put on record! We recorded it at the same place where I recorded Mudhorses’ first album and where we did Rusted’s first EP Hit By back in the day! So here we are, the five of us just playing together live at the amazing studio Pavillon Noir, just like the old days! Straight up live and raw real rock n’ roll! That’s what the next album is all about. A band that has been playing together for ten years now!

In regard to his plans for Tony Rust & The Mudhorses, the singer indicated: “For now, with the pandemic still going, there’s not really a short term plan except for putting online a couples singles really soon. Hopefully the pandemic will end and I will have the opportunity to bring that show on the road and release the album. I want to know how these songs with this killer band would come to life on a stage in front of actual people dancing, drinking and having fun. Am I being nostalgic here? Yes [laughs]!”

Tony Rust & The Mudhorses‘ “Snowstorm” video:

Rusted‘s “Rock Patrol” video (from Rock Patrol album):