Rusted Launch Fundraising Campaign For The Release Of Live Album

Rusted Launch Fundraising Campaign For The Release Of Live Album

October 27, 2014

Canadian glam metal band Rusted is in the midst of releasing their first live CD and have launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo — — to bring it to fruition.

The fundraising campaign started on October 22nd and will end on November 8th, 2014 with a goal of raising $1,750 Cdn. Rusted has all sorts of perks lined up for campaign contributors including the ultimate “You Rock More Than The Beast” package for $666 which includes unlimited free access to any Rusted shows in the world and Rusted playing one Iron Maiden (or other classic metal) cover dedicated to the campaign contributor at one of the band’s next shows. There are all sorts of other perk packages at prices ranging from $10 to $250 including receiving all of the band’s discography in digital format in December 2014. Unlike other fundraising campaigns, every dollar is accounted for by the band in terms of where the money is going.

Formed in 2007, Rusted has already released one EP called ‘Hit By’ in 2010 and a full-length record entitled ‘Rock Patrol’ in 2013. “Rusted’s Rock Patrol is full of infectious melodies and catchy songs,” described Sleaze Roxx, adding “The title track is a true winner that if released in the ’80s would have undoubtedly put Rusted on the map and almost singlehandedly got them a record deal.” Rusted is known throughout North America for putting on high energy concerts. In a recent concert review, the website noted: “Mainly playing material from their solid Rock Patrol CD, Rusted provided a high energy and fun filled set. Their songs sounded a lot heavier live than on their albums, which was a good thing to my ears.”

Speaking exclusively to Sleaze Roxx, Rusted frontman Tony Rust commented, “First of all, the idea of a live album came out when we got booked on the Blaze Bayley Canadian tour. Having the opportunity to perform our set every night in front of a great audience during the tour was good timing for us to record some live tracks! It’s been more than a year now that Rock Patrol came out so our fanbase is now really bigger than it was before. But the main point of recording a live album for us is to try to capture the real emotion of what a rock n’ roll band like Rusted can do on a stage. Every night we are giving our 1000% on stage just like if it was our last show ever, so if we can capture that on a record, it could show to the fans around the world what Rusted can do live. It’s raw, loud and fast with a shitload of attitude!”

Regarding whether the success and impact that ‘Alive!’ had on KISS’ career had any influence on Rusted’s timing to release a live record, Rust indicated to Sleaze Roxx that: “KISS’ Alive! is definitely one of our inspirations for this project. Back in the ’70s, this record really put KISS on the map! If it could work like this for us, that would be amazing (laughs)! But no matter what, I think it’s important for a band to be as good on a live CD or even better! Just like KISS proved with Alive!, rock n’ roll is all about the performance and the interaction with the crowd. Also, I always have been a huge fan of live records. For me, albums like KISS’ Alive!, Iron Maiden’s Live After Death and Led Zeppelin’s How The West Was Won are some of the best records ever recorded!”

Three shows on Canadian soil are being recorded for the live recording: October 24th at Club Soda in Montreal; October 31st at l’Entonnoir in Val d’Or; and, November 1st at Cabaret De La Derniere Chance in Rouyn Noranda. With the first show already under the band’s belt, Rust advised that: “So far, the first show was really amazing! The crowd was shouting our songs, the sound was good, and our performance was not so bad too! I’m looking forward to the next ones! The good thing with recording a live album at this point in our career is that after more than a year of touring in support of our album Rock Patrol, the Rock Patrol — that’s how we call our fans — is getting bigger and bigger, and people are now singing the songs and screaming the name of the band. I think this is giving some power to our songs! It’s definitely something we want to bring to our fans all around the world!”

If you would like to support the band in releasing its first live record and to take advantage of some of the perks that Rusted is offering, go to

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