Rusted release video for new single “Feral Child”

Rusted release video for new single “Feral Child”

French Canadian rockers Rusted are back with a new single titled “Feral Child” which is available for purchase via cassette or in digital format via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Rusted had a cassette launch show at Turbo Haüs in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on March 8, 2019.

This is not the first time that Rusted have launched a single via cassette format as their 2012 single “Young, Wild & Free” was sold in that format as well.

Sleaze Roxx stated as follows in its review of Rusted‘s live album Live Wild & Free, which was released back in December 2016:

“It’s been more than two years since Rusted first launched their fund raising campaign for a live album so it definitely took longer than expected for Live Wild & Free to come out. That being said, good things are worth waiting for and Rusted‘s Live Wild & Free is a splendid live record that was totally worth the wait! All I know is that since obtaining a hard copy of Rusted‘s Live Wild & Free album last week, it has been getting played in my CD player pretty much all day while I’m working. When I had interviewed ManiaK last month, he indicated that Rusted wanted to have a live album like the great bands from the ’80s. I think that Rusted have come up with a live record in Live Wild & Free that stands up very well to all those great live albums from the ’80s.”

Rusted‘s “Feral Child” video:

Rusted – Feral Child (Official Music Video)

Cassette edition limited to 100 hand-numbered copies: & Lyrics by RUSTEDRecorded at Newton StudioMixed…