Rusted release video for “Rock Patrol” from new live album ‘Live, Wild & Free’

Rusted release video for “Rock Patrol” from new live album ‘Live, Wild & Free’

Canadian glam rockers Rusted have released a video for one of their signature songs — “Rock Patrol” — from their new live album Live, Wild & Free, which was released on December 16, 2016.

Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Rusted‘s guitarist ManiaK during which the French guitarist spoke about the band’s decision to release a live album so early in its career. ManiaK stated: “Of course, there is this ’80s kind of classic rock thing — we are really attached to this vintage thing. We are really into all the ’80s hard rock and heavy metal bands releasing live albums. There was of course this part — kind of the pride of this vintage thing. But mainly, stepping back a few years after Rock Patrol, we realized that we were missing something in this release, which is the live energy of Rusted and which is something really important for us and also for a lot of people. We had a lot of feedback from people saying, “Ah. I love Rusted live. I don’t listen to it but I love them live.” We had this feedback a lot and that’s when we realized you know that we didn’t have this on the album. Rock Patrol — we really like it. It’s top notch professionally produced but maybe it was too clean or something which was not Rusted. You know, Rusted live, it’s kind of dirty and it’s not perfect. You know what I mean? This rock and roll thing, it’s moving. The tempo’s not perfect. But there’s this energy that we all have together and people love Rusted live for this energy. So really, the objective for this album was to witness and to immortalize this energy of those songs and give them new life and maybe do them justice in this way.”

You can purchase Rusted‘s Live, Wild & Free live album via the band’s Bandcamp page.

Rusted‘s “Rock Patrol” (live) video:

Rusted – Rock Patrol – Official Live Video

Filmed on Tour (Canada, USA, Europe)RUSTED – Rock Patrol (Live) – 2016Lyrics and music by RUSTEDRecorded and mixed by Marc-André Boily Café Campus, Montréal,…