Rusted Releasing Six Song EP While Delaying Live Album

Rusted Releasing Six Song EP While Delaying Live Album

April 27, 2015

Back on October 22nd, 2014, Canadian glam metal band Rusted began a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo to raise $1,750 so they could release their first live album.

Rusted released an update to their pledgers on April 27th by stating, “Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of news, we’ve been so busy in the last months, mainly with the preparation of our European tour, but we have good news!”. Regarding the live album, Rusted announced, “We finally came to the conclusion that the quality of the recordings that we had wasn’t meeting our expectations, and what we wanted to offer to our fans. This in addition to technical problems that unfortunately ended up losing some recordings, we didn’t have enough material. That’s why we decided to increase our budget to record another show — May 1st in Montreal at the Anachronik Festival. Then we’ll mix during the summer, to finally release the album.”

Not only are Rusted poised to eventually release a live record, but they announced news of a forthcoming EP. “The good news: we entered the studio to record acoustic and three bonus tracks to release a new EP on Friday May 1,” said the band. To reward their live album campaign pledgers, Rusted assured that the EP would be offered to their pledgers no matter what the pledge level was.

Formed in 2007, Rusted have already released one EP called ‘Hit By’ in 2010 and a full-length record entitled ‘Rock Patrol’ in 2013. “Rusted’s Rock Patrol is full of infectious melodies and catchy songs,” described Sleaze Roxx, adding “The title track is a true winner that if released in the ’80s would have undoubtedly put Rusted on the map and almost singlehandedly got them a record deal.”

On April 7th, Rusted released a second video from ‘Rock Patrol’, for their power ballad “Last Stand”.

Rusted are about to embark on their first ever European tour consisting of the following 2015 dates:
May 16 Gardanne, France
May 17 Montpellier, France
May 19 Binefar, Spain
May 21 Milan, Italy
May 22 Zurich, Switzerland
May 23 Munich, Germany
May 24 Prague, Czech Republic
May 25 Wroclaw, Poland
May 26 Leipzig, Germany
May 27 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 28 London, United Kingdom
May 29 Morsel, Belgium
May 30 Cergy Pontoise, France

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