Rusted to play songs live via Facebook on May 3rd

Rusted to play songs live via Facebook on May 3rd

Canadian glam rockers Rusted will be playing live from the HLS Studio in Longueil, Quebec, Canada on May 3, 2017 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

The following message was posted on Rusted‘s Facebook page on April 28, 2017 (with slight edits):

“Next Wednesday (May 3rd), Rusted will be LIVE on facebook! Watch us perform without leaving your house! Live from the HLS Studio, we will play our songs and answer all your questions about the band!”

Rusted released their first live album Live, Wild & Free back in December 2016. Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Live, Wild & Free: good things are worth waiting for and Rusted‘s Live Wild & Free is a splendid live record that was totally worth the wait! All I know is that since obtaining a hard copy of Rusted‘s Live Wild & Free album last week, it has been getting played in my CD player pretty much all day while I’m working. When I had interviewed ManiaK last month, he indicated that Rusted wanted to have a live album like the great bands from the ’80s. I think that Rusted have come up with a live record in Live Wild & Free that stands up very well to all those great live albums from the ’80s.”

Rusted‘s “Rock Patrol” live video:

Rusted – Rock Patrol – Official Live Video

Filmed on Tour (Canada, USA, Europe)RUSTED – Rock Patrol (Live) – 2016Lyrics and music by RUSTEDRecorded and mixed by Marc-André Boily Café Campus, Montréal,…