Ryan Roxie Posts Video For “When You See God”

Ryan Roxie Posts Video For “When You See God”

October 18, 2010

Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie has released a video for his new song “When You See God”. A free download of the song is also available at www.roxie77.bandcamp.com.

Roxie states, “Can a person’s life be measured out by just 1 song? Apparently so, otherwise they would have never come up with the term ‘One Hit Wonder’… and just think about that guy that wrote ‘Happy Birthday’… he affected a few people here and there no?

Well… I’ve written more then just 1 song in my life, but perhaps this might be the most ‘important’ one.

Truth is, this song has been around for a long time… I was just too cowardice to really do anything with it… as I was always more concerned that it could be conceived as ‘anti-patriotic’ and my disagreement with my government’s decisions would somehow be seen in a negative light. I NOW understand that releasing this song to the public is one of the MOST patriotic things I can do, as me having the right to state my opinion and views are what our troops are supposed to be fighting for anyway… right?!?

This video for the Roxie 77 song ‘When You See God’ was put together by my good friend Jeff Morose… and if it inspires you enough… hell, make your own and send it in to me at ryan.roxie@gmail.com, and I’ll post it up right alongside the others.

The whole idea of this song is to provoke thought… and with thought comes ideas, and with ideas come solutions… and with solutions comes peace….

Special thanks to Johan Harrysson and Playyard Studios in Stockholm Sweden for recording the song and unwittingly being a part of the video.

To download your very own ‘Conscience-FREE’ copy of the song make your way over to www.roxie77.bandcamp.com… and above all, enjoy the noise!”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.roxie77.bandcamp.com