Ryan Roxie recalls how Alice Cooper dressing room was like Switzerland for Mötley Crüe members

Ryan Roxie recalls how Alice Cooper dressing room was like Switzerland for Mötley Crüe members

Alice Cooper‘s long-time guitarist Ryan Roxie was recently interviewed by Chuck Shute for The Chuck Shute Podcast.

Alice Cooper was the main opening act for Mötley Crüe during the latter’s at the time “final” tour dubbed All Bad Things Must Come To An End. The tour started at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA on July 2, 2014. The final show was at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, USA on December 31, 2015.

In terms of his memories from that tour, Roxie indicated (as provided by The Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits): “Our dressing room on that whole entire tour was basically Switzerland. We were like, you know, everybody the band, Mötley, had four different tour buses. They would travel, you know, everybody had their own handler. And then they came together before the show, they’d all meet, they get on the stage, they’d rock it and then they come off, they do their meet and greets and all that kind of stuff. And then they would go onto their respective vans. Before the show, being that every band member in Mötley had their own dressing room, they wanted a place to hang because that’s where it’s, what it’s all about, you know, At the end of the day, it’s about the hang. And the Alice Cooper dressing room, that sort of band dressing room was sort of the safe spot for everybody to come in. So it would be very, very common for you know, Tommy [Lee] and Nikki [Sixx] and, Vince [Neil] or, Mick [Mars] to like each pop in for a little while. ‘Hey, what’s happening tonight?’ Okay, cool. And then just go off to their own dressing room and do their thing.

The fact that we got to do the whole tour twice. I think we did two runs with that. And do the Australian run with them, the Australian leg with them. Do the European leg with them, then do the US twice with them, was a real treat? Because it wasn’t like this one show. No, no. This is a whole tour. You get to know the band. You get to know the set. We definitely knew the set. They knew our set and we knew their set by the end of the tour. And just a lot of cool experiences, although those one-offs that you do with bands and you’re lucky to do ones, you know, every once in a while with like a supergroup like Queen. Those are super memorable as well. Like just our last sort of tour since everything stopped was the Australian tour. We did a show with Queen down in Sydney [Australia] in the beginning of 2020 right before everything shut down. And that was still to this day, one of those bucket lists memorable gigs, being able to play in front of them.”

You can listen to the interview with Ryan Roxie on The Chuck Shute Podcast below: