S.H.O.T. re-release video for song “This Is Our War” with new mix

S.H.O.T. re-release video for song “This Is Our War” with new mix

Brazilian rockers S.H.O.T. have re-released a video for their song “This Is Our War” which now has a new mix. The previous video for the song is now not available.

The following message was posted in part on S.H.O.T.‘s Facebook page back on February 4, 2017 (with slight edits):

“We decided to mix again the song “THIS IS OUR WAR”

On the link below you can feel the difference…

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by S.H.O.T. at Backdoor Studio in Berlin”

Back on January 28th of this year, the following status update was posted on S.H.O.T.‘s Facebook page (with slight edits):

“Hey rockers, it has been a while since our last posting.

Well, we are quiet but not dead. 😛

We are currently working in studio to release you guys some new stuff for this summer.

Please stay carefully tuned.

On the meantime, let’s take a retro to our last released EP BRN FCK (2016)

If you still didn’t listen to it, you can find the full EP directly on our SoundCloud page:


Stream BRN FCK, a playlist by S.H.O.T. from desktop or your mobile device

Stay safe & avoid hangover on this weekend 😀


S.H.O.T.’s “This Is Our War” video (with new mix):

S.H.O.T. – This is OUr War (Official Video)

Music video for the new single “This is Our War”. Song recorded by: S.H.O.T. Mixed by: Lenny Terron Video Shooted by: Ferdi Bogal and Franziska Pietzofski Edition: Lenny Terron —————————————————————————————– Special thanks to: Ferdi Borgal Franziska Pietzofski Sonny Klinger Anne Müller Malvine York Jesus Berlin, 2016 //S.H.O.T. http://shotofficial.com http://facebook.com/shotfband http://soundcloud.com/shotofficial