Sacred Warrior reunite with singer Rey Parra

Sacred Warrior reunite with singer Rey Parra

Christian rockers Sacred Warrior have announced that they are reuniting with their former and long-time frontman Rey Parra.

Sacred Warrior‘s website has the following succinct message: “Sacred Warrior is happy to announce the return of Rey Parra as lead vocalist for the band.”

According to Wikipedia, Parra was Sacred Warrior‘s lead vocalist from 1988 to 1994, 2000, and from 2008 to 2012. Parra eventually left the band and was replaced by Eli Prinsen who recorded one studio album entitled Waiting In Darkness with Sacred Warrior.

Back in December 2013, Sleaze Roxx conducted a two-part interview (see part one and part two) with Sacred Warrior‘s guitarist Bruce Swift who was asked about Parra‘s reasons for not wanting to continue with the band back in 2012.

Swift replied: “He did and it is ironic now because he is now in a band called Worldview. I am not sure if people are familiar — you can look them up and they are actually really good — we are very happy for him because it is a perfect fit for Rey. But what was happening with Rey at the time was he was in school studying to be a nurse and he took on a new job and the boss at that time was really giving him a hard time about… like we would fly him here for three days and he would sing vocal tracks and stuff. At that point, he took the new job. Rey was like, “You know what Bruce — I can’t take off. This guy is not letting me go.” So he was adapting to his new job, his new environment, and now that has been a couple of years so I think the boss is giving him more flexibility now. I think he is taking a break from school from my understanding right now. He is taking a break and he is focusing right now on the Worldview project. So, the reasoning at the time was that he just was overwhelmed with life — you know, busy with work and school — but obviously the seasons have changed and he is back to doing music. They are about ready to release their new CD and I recommend it to you — it is going to be really good.”