Sacred Warrior unveil video for single featuring singers Rey Parra, Eli Prinsen and Erik Schelling

Sacred Warrior unveil video for single featuring singers Rey Parra, Eli Prinsen and Erik Schelling

Christian rockers Sacred Warrior have released a video for their new single “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” which features all living past and present members including their two former lead vocalists, Rey Parra and Eli Prinsen, along with their current frontman Erik Schelling.

The YouTube caption for the video indicates:

“This video is the culmination of efforts from all members of Sacred Warrior past and present. In these troubling times we want to lift your spirits with the knowledge that Christ is in control and is the only hope for salvation. He is the Solid Rock that we stand on. We wish to extend a HUGE thank you to Brian Watkins for the amazing video editing!

Sacred Warrior is:

Bruce Swift – Guitars
Tony Velazquez – Drums
Rey Parra – Vocals
Steve Watkins – Bass/Vocals
Jon Johnson – Guitars
Joe Petit – Keyboards/Vocals
Eli Prinsen – Vocals
Tom Sanderson – Keyboards/Vocals
Erik Schelling – Vocals

Recorded on location in Louisville KY, Lakeland FL, Daytona Beach FL and Aurora, IL
Mixing and mastering by Gathering Storm Media, Aurora, IL”

The start of the video states: “As the world reels from political vitriol, social unrest, cries for justice, fears for safety, anger at lawlessness, deep sorrow for the pain of others, and the COVID-19 pandemic that has left in its wake hundreds of thousands dead, tens of millions out of work, trillions of dollars in economic losses, and a global sense of dread and uncertainty about the future…

Sacred Warrior decided to use the time and technological tool these circumstances have provided, in order to remind believers and unbelievers alike that there is only ONE hope, ONE salvation, ONE name under Heaven by which we must be saved.

This project grew into a massive collaboration with all living members, past and present.

It is our joy to share this with you now, and our prayer is that you place your hope in the only Solid Rock, Jesus Christ.”

Sacred Warrior‘s “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” video: