Saffire unveil video for new single “Roses (Electrify)” from album ‘Taming The Hurricane’

Saffire unveil video for new single “Roses (Electrify)” from album ‘Taming The Hurricane’

Saffire consisting of guitarist Victor Olsson, drummer Efraim Larsson, lead vocalist Tobias Jansson, bassist Magnus Carlsson and keyboardist Dino Zuzic have unveiled a video for their new single “Roses (Electrify)” from their studio album Taming The Hurricane, which was released via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records on April 29, 2022.

Track List for Taming The Hurricane:
01. Triumph of The Will
02. Mr. Justified
03. The Rapture
04. Read Between The Lies
05. Taming The Hurricane
06. Silver Eyes
07. Fortune Favours The Bold
08. Vendigo
09. Roses (Electrify)
10. Flight of A Thousand Wings

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Saffire‘s album Where The Monsters Dwell, which was released back in April 2018: “For whomever has read my prior reviews on Sleaze Roxx, you’ll know that I am not much of a fan of keyboards. In fact, I hate them the majority of the time. Only a few bands have been able to excel with a full-time keyboardist in their line-up my mind. Deep Purple and Bon Jovi come to mind but both have been rather inconsistent over the last few decades with Deep Purple not having come up with a truly memorable song since 1984’s “Perfect Strangers” and Bon Jovi lost in an abyss of releasing one weak album after another since 1992’s Keep The Faith.

Accordingly, it is with some skepticism that I started listening to Saffire‘s latest album Where The Monsters Dwell knowing that they were being compared to Deep Purple and Rainbow. What I didn’t realize was that Saffire were taking the best of Deep Purple and Rainbow while incorporating some early Masterplan and Dio magic to come up with an absolutely splendid album. Hell, even the keyboard playing from Dino Zuzic is fantastic and lays the foundation for some truly amazing songs.”

Saffire‘s “Roses (Electrify)” video:

Saffire‘s “Taming The Hurricane” video: