Saint Deamon Are Back With A ‘Pandeamonium’


March 25, 2009

Frontiers Records ( is excited to announce the release of the new album from SAINT DEAMON “Pandeamonium” on May 22nd in Europe and June 9th in the USA.

Named after a fictitious ghost rider called S. Deamon, and with a nod towards the contrast between the heavenly/diabolical feel of the name, the Saint Deamon was put together in 2006 by drummer Ronny Milianowicz (ex Dionysus and songwriter for Primal Fear, Cans and Place Vendome among others), together with bass player Nobby Noberg (also ex Dionysus), guitar virtuoso Toya Johansson and the golden voice of the Norwegian Jan Thore Grefstad (ex Highland Glory). The band debuted in early 2008 with a stunning album “In Shadows Lost From the Brave”, a record that garnered great acclaim from both critics and fans.

Saint Deamon toured extensively in support of the release during 2008, with gigs in Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, England and USA appearing in some of the world’s finest metal festivals like Prog Power US and Bloodstock UK creating a vast buzz being one of the hardest working band in the scene.

Just over a year after the release of their debut album, Saint Deamon are back with a strong head wind in their sails with the worthy follow up “Pandeamonium”. Produced by two of the world’s most famous Heavy Metal producers, Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford, Helloween, Bruce Dickinson, who also co-wrote the album’s title track with the band) & Jens Bogren (Opeth, Paradise Lost, Amon Amarth), “Pandeamonium” shows a well oiled Metal machine that has no limits in terms of inspiration, musical direction and focus, dedicated members or professionalism. “The chance to work with Roy was actually pure luck”, explains founder and drummer Ronny Milianowicz “He had been renting our studio for 4 weeks to work with the new Wolf album and I was just there to brew some coffee, drive his equipment here and there to different recording places and to make his time in Sweden as pleasant as possible. But after 4 weeks together we became friends and I really mean FRIENDS, you know that kinda friend you can call in the middle of the night if you really need to. So one night at the local bar the night before his flight were supposed to go back he decided to stay, and this after being 4 weeks in our studio already! And with Jens we have the solid ground that never let us down and that make us perform that little extra out of every take in the studio. I hardly think we will ever work without him”.

Ronny enthuses: “I really believe that our fans can hear the true passion and brotherhood in the production of Pandeamonium”.

Final Tracklisting of “Pandeamonium” includes:
Deception (MP3 sample)
The Only One Sane (MP3 sample)
Eyes of the Devil
A Day to Come
Way Home (MP3 sample)
Fallen Angel
The Deamon Within
Oceans of Glory
Fear In a Fragile Mind
Also includes Pandeamonium (videoclip)

So prepare to sail on, on the Metal seas, with Saint Deamon and their crew into the “Pandeamonium”!

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