Salty Dog Bassist Discusses Possible Reunion


November 7, 2008

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, American Dog vocalist/bassist Michael Hannon talked about the possibility of reunion with his former band Salty Dog. An excerpt from the chat follows below.

Sleaze Roxx: It’s funny you say that. Nobody really knows this, I’ve only told one other person this in the press, in August I went out to LA. So did Jimmi. We met with Khurt Maier and we called Pete Reeven. We were all going to get together and practice and see how it worked out because we had been offered a few shows to reunite. Everyone showed up except for Pete. He pulled out at the last minute and didn’t want to do it. Me and Jimmi both came all the way from Ohio to fuckin Los Angeles. Our drummer booked the studio time then at the last minute Pete said no. He didn’t want to do it after he told us yes. So that kind of fucked that in the ass.

Sleaze Roxx: That would probably put a damper on it then for the future?

Michael Hannon: Well you know I’ve got a couple offers and one is a European thing, a Scandinavian thing. I said, “hey here’s my problem, would you be interested in 3/4ths and have Steve, the guitar player from American Dog do it?” They said yeah no problem. It’s kind of a joke how there’s two LA Guns and two Faster Pussycat’s and all that horse shit going on. So I’m thinking 3 of 4 would be really good. I’d rather do it with all 4 but…there’s so many people interested in Salty Dog and I know they’d come see it. If they want it with 3 of the 4 we’re gonna do it like that.

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In related news, the world premier of American Dog’s new DVD, “All Over the Road – Volume 1”, will take place at Route 33 – Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta, Ohio tomorrow night (November 8th) after the band’s show.

The advance copy of the disc will be shown on all screens, with lots of volume added.

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Watch the “All Over the Road – Volume 1” DVD trailer below.

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