Sammy Hagar thinks drummer Jason Bonham does not want him to reunite with Van Halen

Sammy Hagar thinks drummer Jason Bonham does not want him to reunite with Van Halen

Former Van Halen lead vocalist and successful entrepreneur Sammy Hagar was recently interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times and hinted about how reuniting with Van Halen seems unlikely to happen given that he appears to have no relationship with guitarist Eddie Van Halen. Hagar who recently celebrated his 70th birthday with a big birthday bash didn’t receive any birthday wishes from the guitarist and commented:

“Oh, hell no, man,… If you want to go into those waters right now, I can just say that it pretty much confirms it when Mikey’s grandson died (in April, from a heart defect) — a brand-new baby died — and they didn’t reach out to him. And my 70th birthday, they didn’t reach out to say happy birthday. Yeah. Pretty much says it all.”

Hagar also spoke about drummer Jason Bonham who is his bandmate in Sammy Hagar & The Circle. Hagar stated: “Jason makes more money with me playing 20 shows a year as he does with his own band in 100 shows a year, and he’s happy about it,… So I don’t think he wants to see a Van Halen reunion.”

You can read the rest of the article with Hagar at the Tampa Bay Times.

Camaraderie and friendship between bandmates is clearly something that Hagar cherishes and values. Sleaze Roxx noted the camaraderie between Hagar and Bonham in its review of Sammy Hagar & The Circle‘s concert at the Fallsview Casino  in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada back in June 2017 as it stated: “The camaraderie between band members was clearly evident on stage. There’s no question that Sammy and Mikey [Anthony] have a very special bond dating back to their days in Van Halen and they always seem like they have so much fun together on stage. It was funny to hear Jason Bonham describe how he joined the band in that he was jamming with the guys one night and in the band the next day. I forgot that Bonham was an English fellow. Hagar took a shot at ribbing the drummer by stating that no one was able to understand him speak during their US tour but Bonham was quick to reply by stating that they were now in Canada and it was Hagar that the crowd could not understand. Hagar also pointed out that while Bonham was suggesting that he had joined the band, he had actually been in the band for about three years already.”