Sammy Hagar Would Love To Make Another Record With Van Halen

Sammy Hagar Would Love To Make Another Record With Van Halen

March 4, 2011

Rocker Sammy Hagar is convinced he’ll return as Van Halen’s singer, despite waging a war of words with his former bandmates since they reformed with original vocalist David Lee Roth and blasting band leader Eddie Van Halen in his new memoirs.

The singer fronted the band after Lee Roth left in the mid-1980s and hit the charts with songs including Why Can’t This Be Love and When It’s Love. He parted company with Van Halen in 1996, and has never been invited back for subsequent reunions.

Van Halen are now back in the studio with Lee Roth, recording new material, but Hagar isn’t giving up hope he’ll one day reteam with Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, “I’d say it’s up there around 90 percent. I would love to make another record with Van Halen.

“If Eddie was totally cool and was back to the guy I used to know, or a new guy, not the guy I knew the last time… I wouldn’t do it if he was like that. It’s below zero, minus zero. But if Eddie really got his life together, which it seems he has judging by the pictures I’ve seen, then definitely.”

But he accepts it won’t be soon: “Right now (there’s) zero chance. When my book comes out, zero for a while. But someday, before we all die, f**k yeah.”

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