San Francisco ’80s rock pioneers Head On featured on Season 3 of TV show ‘Stranger Things’

San Francisco ’80s rock pioneers Head On featured on Season 3 of TV show ‘Stranger Things’

Bay area ’80s rock pioneers Head On featuring Sea Hags and Arcade guitarist Frank Wilsey will have two songs from their album Washington & Battery featured on Season 3 of the Netflix television show Stranger Things.

Demon Doll Records‘ press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

“The tracks “Electric Knights” and “Nothing To Say” from the Demon Doll Records release entitled “Washington & Battery” from Bay area pioneers Head On can now be heard spinning in the Netflix worldwide smash hit TV show Stranger Things. “Nothing To Say” can be heard in episode one and “Electric Knights” can be heard in episode 3.

For those not familiar with Head On and their impact on the San Francisco 80’s rock scene can check out some quotes from Jetboy‘s Billy Rowe and Jailhouse‘s Michael Raphael.

In the words of guitarist Michael Raphael of Jailhouse: “As a kid, Head On influenced me more than probably any band on earth. Watching them play was no different to me than watching Tyler and Perry from Aerosmith or Mick and Keith from the Rolling StonesMark Berglund’s vocals and guitarist Frankie Wilsey’s charisma were off the charts!! From the solid bass lines of Rick Tweed, to contributing song writer/rhythm guitar player James Ray and the master of tricks behind the kit Howard Teman – I never knew who to watch! I’ve seen Howard do things with his sticks I don’t think Tommy Lee could do. This band needed to be heard by the world and I personally made sure that would happen. Head On ‘til the end of time!”

In the words of guitarist Billy Rowe of Jetboy: “In the early 80’s, San Francisco and the Bay Area had a great music scene from large acts to small club acts. As a teenage kid music fanatic, I started getting into the local club scene and the one band that caught my eyes and ears instantly was Head On! They looked like rock stars and had great songs with infectious hooks in every guitar lick and vocal melody. They sounded like a cross between Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. Their songs were full on sing along anthems and their live show was high energy rock n’ roll that made you feel great.

Head On was a big Influence on me in those years and I’ve always said that ‘they should have been a household name’ Lucky enough we have labels like Demon Doll Records who have a passion for this type of music and now these rock n’ roll pop classics that have been stored away for over 25 years can be heard. Great songs are timeless and Head On wrote great songs, I already know this CD will be in my top ten collection forever.”

You can purchase Head On‘s album Washington And Battery directly at Demon Doll Records‘ website.

Head On‘s “Shoulda Known” song:

Head On – Shoulda Known (Washington & Battery) Early 80’s Glam Rock Pioneers HEAD ON: lead track from the CD release “Washington & Batte…