Sanctuary CEO Tries to Throw Tommy Lee Under The Bus


December 6, 2007

LOS ANGELES — In Court and in papers filed withthe Court, in Motley Crue v. Carl Stubner, et al., attorneys for defendantCarl Stubner argued that Motley Crue’s proper claim should not be againstStubner, but rather should be made against Stubner’s client, Tommy Lee.Motley Crue, through their attorney, disagreed.

Skip Miller of Miller Barondess, LLP, representing legendary rock bandMotley Crue, stated in Court: “This band is not going to sue Tommy Lee;this lawsuit is not about Tommy Lee. It is about Carl Stubner’s tacticsthat we contend harmed Motley Crue and cost the band millions of dollars.”The attorneys were arguing a demurrer.

The evidence in the lawsuit against Stubner consists of statements fromband members Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars as well as ten sworndeclarations from key professionals associated with the band. Itconclusively demonstrates that Stubner was a manager of Motley Crue and notjust the manager of drummer Tommy Lee as he has previously claimed. TheMotley Crue lawsuit alleges that Stubner breached his fiduciary duties toMotley Crue by making threats and demanding more money for himself.

According to Nikki Sixx, a founding member of Motley Crue, “There arewitnesses to Carl Stubner’s threats and demands for more money for himself.Managers have to be held to higher standards in the music business justlike they are in other industries.” As stated by founding band member MickMars, “Tommy Lee has been my and Nikki’s friend for longer than anyone.This band is not going to sue Tommy Lee. We will hold Carl Stubner andSanctuary accountable.”

At the hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard L. Fruindirected Motley Crue to go back and specify the threats made by Stubner indetail, when they were made and to whom they were made. The band’sattorneys said they would do so.

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