Sandness release video for track “Tell Me Tell Me”

Sandness release video for track “Tell Me Tell Me”

Italian rockers Sandness consisting of lead vocalist / bassist Mark Denkley, guitarist Robby Luckets and drummer Metyou ToMeatyou have released a video for their song “Tell Me Tell Me” from their latest studio album Untamed, which was released back in June 2019.

Track List for Untamed:
01. Life’s A Thrill
02. Tyger Bite
03. London
04. Never Givin’ Up
05. Easy
06. Pyro
07. Radio Show
08. Tell Me Tell Me
09. Only the Youth
10. The Deepest Side of Me
11. Until It’s Over

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Untamed: “So, let’s recap. Untamed is the third full length album from Sandness. These tracks could be better produced, highlighting the quality musicianship. Yet, the songs are tight and listenable, with many channelling an old school hard rock / sleaze vibe. I kind of liked it.”

Sandness‘ “Tell Me Tell Me” video:


Hard Rock band SANDNESS have released new music video “Tell Me Tell Me taken from their latest album “Untamed”! BUY / LISTEN : SPOTIFY: “Tell Me Tell Me is our little homage to the Eighties, to which we owe so much in terms of music and style.