Santa Cruz announce new guitarist Brody DeRozie following departure of three members

Santa Cruz announce new guitarist Brody DeRozie following departure of three members

Finnish rock band Santa Cruz have announced they have a new guitarist. Former American Monster star Brody DeRozie is joining the group. It’s thought the American will be playing alongside frontman Archie Cruz.

A statement posted on the group’s official Instagram and Facebook page revealed the news.

It read: “Allllright cruz-a-maniacs, say hi to Brody DeRozie. This half man, half beast from Las Vegas, Nevada will be slaying the guitarists duties in Santa f’n Cruz from this day on. More info about future shit & mischiefs coming soon. Meanwhile give him some IG love & check out his insane shred chops on @bruiser_brody ⚡ Time to rattle some fucking cages baby! Welcome to the fam boi! – Santa f’n Cruz xxx ☠⚡#cruzgang #destroy #fuckyeah #badbloodrising.”

Santa Cruz recently disbanded in the middle of a US tour where they were the main support act for Fozzy. They also announced they would not be doing their own headlining shows in America.

In a Facebook statement, it was also announced they would no longer be performing in Japan, where they were set to support The Local Band.

“We also regret to inform we have been forced to cancel all the Santa Cruz festival shows for the summer, due to undisclosed disagreements with the band,” it read. “This situation is heartbreaking & sad, and we apologize to all our devoted fans who´ve stuck with us through the years.”

Cruz claimed in a social media statement that the other three members of the band kicked him off the tour bus and told him Santa Cruz were no more.

Guitarist Johnny Parkkonen, bassist Middy Toivonen and drummer Taz Fagerstrom then wrote their own statements saying there were quitting the band. Parkkonen said he couldn’t “stay in a situation anymore where I have to be scared if somebody does irreversible harm to themselves or somebody else”.

Cruz, 26, recently told Eddie Trunk‘s radio show Trunk Nation the “We Are The Ones To Fall” group were far from over.

Santa Cruz is not going anywhere,” he told the host. But he refused to answer if he’d be getting new members to replace the three that departed. He added: “As long as Santa Cruz‘s name is up there, I’m fucking… you know. It’s who we are. We’ll see what’s going to happen.”